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Access Control

We offer a complete solution to our clients from card swipe to biometric readers.
Stand alone sytems or pc integrated

Nightguard has the solution to suit your needs.

Access control is service that allows you to control and monitor who has access to your premises. This can be tailored to individual people and even coded to prevent access past a certain time, reducing the risk of a stolen pass card being used at a time the premises may be vacated.

The three main types of access control offered are:

  • Card and Fob Readers
  • Audio and video Intercoms
  • Locking and movement restriction devices

Card and Fob Readers

The Swipe Card reader reads the encoded information on a magnetic strip on the card The Proximity reader detects the embedded information on the card or fob from a distance of 4 centimetres and upwards.

The readers can be Stand Alone, which means that the reader only controls one door and all programming is carried out at the reader.

They can also be a Networked reader, which is controlled by a central computer and is programmed via it remotely.

Audio & Video Intercoms

Audio and video Intercoms are an excellent access tool because they require the entrant to show their identity before gaining access.

The main features of an A/V Intercoms are:

  • A/V Intercom for apartment blocks
  • Domestic one to one systems
  • Colour and black & white
  • Hands free and confidential
  • Integrated with access control

Nightguard provide a range alarm and door entry systems throughout Ireland. A networked access control system has the advantage of being able to control user access anywhere from within a building. Our preferred choice of product for a networked access control system is Net2. The Net2 system has a lot of flexibility built into its functionality, making it a cost effective and all round high performing product.

Some of the Net2 control panels have flash memory which allows them to be easily upgraded, so you’ll have the peace of mind that your property is protected by the latest security technology. Our experienced consultants are on hand to help and advise you on the right products to suit your everyday requirements, security concerns and budget.