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Nightguard prides itself in having the only Central Monitoring Station west of the Shannon.
Manned 24hours daily our highly trained staff watch over your premises.

Nightguard provide 24hr Grade A monitoring

Alarm System Monitoring

Nightguard Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is unique in the fact that it utilises Dual communications monitoring. A dual communication dialler is fitted in clients premises this unit has a Vodafone sim card provided by Nightguard and is also connected to telephone lines of premises.

CCTV Camera Monitoring

Nightguard together with TeleEye central station software monitors remote sites from our CMS.
This enables our operators to watch over your premises and remotely warn intruders via on site public address system

Vehicle Asset/Tracking Utilizing Geo Zone

Nightguard Response

From Activation of your system it takes only seconds for Nightguard control staff to inform authorities and keyholders.
Keeping both you and your property safe at all times.