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Installation, Maintenance and Monitoring Terms & Conditions

This document outlines the terms and conditions associated with entering into an agreement with Nightguard Ltd. All Nightguard Ltd customers are required to read, fully understand and comply with these terms and conditions before the commencement of any work carried out by Nightguard Ltd.

    1. All orders are processed by Nightguard once they are received. These are the Terms and Conditions on which we install the Alarm System and/or provide the Service to you. These become binding on Nightguard and the Customer upon Installation of the Alarm System together with the completion of the Contract. When signing the Contract, please ensure that all information is completed and accurate.
    1. Personal Information obtained by Nightguard will be used by us in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.
    1. Nightguard will retain ownership of the Alarm System until all charges have been cleared in full due to them, at which time ownership will transfer to the Customer.
    2. If the Contract is terminated by the Customer before the Minimum Term as stated in the Contract, we reserve the right to invoice the Customer for the full cost of the Retained Property including any reasonable costs incurred by Nightguard to try and reclaim our property.
    1. When you agree to sign up to Nightguard  a Minimum Contract Term as noted on the Contract applies from the Date of Installation (unless otherwise stated by Nightguard).
    2. Early termination of the contract may result in the Customer being invoiced for the remaining balance for the cost of the Alarm System, including any Service charges that may be due to us.
    1. Should the Customer wish to terminate the Contract once Nightguards Service have begun to be provided, the Customer shall be liable to pay a termination fee that would have otherwise been payable to the end of the Minimum Term as described in 3.2. In addition to this, any amount that was subsidised by Nightguard to the Customer for the Alarm System will also be due in full.
    2. Nightguard reserves the Right to terminate the Contract with immediate effect if payments due to us are not paid within 14 days of the Invoice being issued.
    1. Nightguard will provide installation and service compliance to EN 50131-1. This entitles the client to a service response time of 3 hours within 25km of the company’s base and 48 hours outside this area. The maximum allowed guidelines and we will generally  respond sooner.
    2. The Customer will ensure that a responsible person over the age of 18  is present at the premises on the Installation and/or Service date, and are able to assist with any queries Nightguard may have in connection with the delivery of Services.
    3. The Customer shall be responsible for providing Nightguard with all information that is required to enable us to perform the Installation and/or Services to the Alarm System. The Customer is also responsible for ensuring that all information; including key holding information are accurate and up to date.
    4. Nightguard shall carry out the Services on the Alarm System for the duration of the Contract Term. Where additional non-standard Services are required, additional charges may apply (to be agreed between the Customer and Nightguard before work is carried out by Nightguard).
    5. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the actions of Emergency Service Providers and nominated Key Holders following a notification are outside the control of Nightguard and Nightguard shall have no responsibility or liability for their actions.
    1. All prices quoted to the Customer are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated by Nightguard.
    2. Payments will be made to Nightguard as specified in the Contract, or as otherwise agreed.
    3. Where payment is made by monthly direct debit, the direct debit will last a Minimum Term as set out in the Contract. If the direct debit is cancelled by the Customer before the end of the Minimum Term or before the last payment is collected, Nightguard reserves the right to invoice the Client in full for the outstanding balance.
    4. The full costs of additional parts are required to be paid for in full unless otherwise stated.
    5. Relevant call out charges apply to all persons who require Nightguards services, but do not hold or subscribe to a current Service Contract with Nightguard, in addition to any parts that may be required to ensure the Alarm System is in good working order.
    1. Nightguard will provide routine Services of the alarm system to ensure it is in correct working order in accordance with EN 50131-1
    2. Nightguard will have no liability to the Customer if the Alarm has been serviced, parts added to/ and or removed from the Alarm System, by persons other than those instructed by Nightguard.
    3. Nightguard will ensure all costs of damages made to the property during the course of installation and/or Service caused by Nightguard are made good. However, Nightguard will not be held liable for any costs to repair the property to the pre installation condition, after the removal of the Alarm System.
    4. The Customer agrees to indemnify Nightguard from any claims made against them arising from an Alarm activation resulting in a response from Emergency Service Providers. Furthermore, Nightguard is indemnified against any claims from a Nominated Keyholders and their actions arising from an Alarm activation.
    5. Nightguard makes no guarantee that the Alarm System will prevent or deter incidences and the customer acknowledges that the system is a warning system and not a preventative system.
    1. The Customer understands that it is their responsibility to test the operation of the alarm system at monthly intervals, in such a manner that over a six month period the entire control, detection and signalling devices have been tested.
    2. The Customer shall not allow 3rd parties to service, add to/and or remove from the Alarm System.
    3. The customer further understands that he/she shall inform Nightguard of any adverse or hazardous conditions likely to be encountered of which they are aware. This is necessary as alarm equipment may be sensitive to, or malfunction in adverse environmental conditions. In addition, the Customer will notify Nightguard immediately of any issues being encountered with the Alarm System
    4. Furthermore the Customer is obligated to advise of any updates in key holding information as appropriate as described in section 6.5
    Nightguard reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions set out in the document from time to time.