ROLP Wall Sounder

  • Certified to EN54 Parts 3 (BRE) and 13 (BSI).
  • 102dB(A) sound output.
  • 12mA alarm current depending on setting.
  • 32 tones.
  • Ideal for general signalling and fire use.


Approvals/certifications Certified to EN54-3 by BRE and EN54-13 by the BSI.
Protocol/compatibility Can be used on the conventional sounder circuits of most conventional fire panels including C-TEC’s FP, MFP, CFP & EP203. Can also be used on the conventional sounder circuits provided on CTEC’s XFP and ZFP addressable panels.
Application/operation Designed to be wall mounted. Suitable for indoor areas only.
Supply/operating voltage 18-28V DC.
Quiescent current TBC.
Nominal SPL (Sound Pressure Level) 102dB(A) when set to tone 3.
Alarm current 12mA when set to tone 3.
Product dimensions (mm) 93mm diameter x 95mm deep.
Construction & finish ABS FR & polycarbonate.
IP Rating IP54
Weight 0.25Kg.
Operating conditions/temperature -25ºC to +70ºC.