ZFP Touchscreen Controlled Addressable Fire Panel (Standard Cabinet)

  • A feature-rich touchscreen-controlled addressable fire panel available with 1, 2 or 4 Apollo XP95/Discovery compatible loop drivers (see Key Features section for a full list of ZFP features).
  • Third-party certified to EN54 parts 2 & 4.
  • Multiple off-the-shelf variants or build your own panel using our ZFP selection charts.
  • Rapid loop learn, flexible cause & effects and powerful system diagnostics.
  • Hi-integrity fault-tolerant RS485 networking option allows up to 128 network nodes (64 main panels and 64 Compact Controllers).
  • Optional ‘A-Bus’ expansion PCBs, paging and graphic interface facilities.
  • Intuitive PC programming tools.
  • Medium and large sized ZFPs also available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 loops.


Approvals/certifications Certified to EN54-2/4 by the LPCB (0832-CPD-0758).
Protocol/compatibility Apollo XP95/Discovery.
Mains supply 230V 50/60Hz.
Mains rated current 1.35A maximum.
Internal power supply 27Vdc nominal.
Total output current limited to 5A @ 230Vac (Imax.A 4A; Imin. 12mA).
Battery charge capacity 7Ah min to 18Ah max.
Quiescent current Varies depending on the panel’s configuration – refer to our ZFP loop/battery calculation tool for details.
Max battery size and type 2 x 12V 18Ah VRLA connected in series.
No. of loop drivers 1, 2 or 4 (dependent on model purchased).
Max. loop output current 500mA (25V min; 34V max).
Max. loop length 1KM.
Max. addressable devices per loop 126.
No. of conventional sounder circuits 2 (Max. length per circuit is 500m).
EOL resistor value 6800Ω 5% Tol. 0/25W (blue, grey, red, gold).
Max. sounder output current 2 x 1A.
Auxiliary relays 2 x Programmable Relays (programmable from C&Es). 1 x Fault Relay (active when no faults are present). Volt free single pole changeover. Max. switch current 1A; Max. switch voltage 30Vdc.
Other outputs 24V Aux. Power (19.5V min, 28V max). Protected by a resettable fuse. Max. current 100mA.
Auxiliary inputs 2 x Programmable Inputs (programmable from C&Es). Connect to 0V to trigger, Max. input voltage 27V (non-latching).
PC connection Via a galvanically isolated USB socket on the Z41 control module.
Pager/DECT connection RS232. ESPA compatible.
Graphics interface/diagnostics connection RS485. Drax compatible.
Network connection RS485 hi-integrity multi-path fault tolerant network connection via optional ZHN network card. Max 128 network nodes (up to 64 main panels & 64 compact controllers).
Indicators Full-colour 480 x 272 pixel touchscreen, all relevant EN54 indicators plus 5 programmable indicators. Additional indicators dependent on Switch & Indicator module fitted.
Controls Interactive touchscreen with menu sensitive buttons; 1 x keyswitch allowing direct access to Access Level 2. Additional controls dependent on Switch & Indicator module fitted.
Connections Fixed, largest acceptable conductor size 1mm2.
Expansion connections RS485 peripheral bus connection allows the connection of up to 15 ‘A-Bus’ PCBs (2 control cores plus screen plus 2 cores for power).
Product dimensions (mm) 450 W x 462 H x 127 D.
Construction & finish Light grey textured mild steel, 1.2mm Zintec. RAL7035 epoxy paint.
IP Rating IP30.
Weight TBC.
Operating conditions/temperature -5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
1 Loop Variants Z0130000S/X (Blank Module); Z013020NS/X (20 Zonal LEDs); Z013040NS/X (40 Zonal LEDs); Z013020PS/X (20 Zonal LEDs, Printer, 2 Keyswitches).
2 Loop Variants Z0230000S/X (Blank Module); Z023020NS/X (20 Zonal LEDs); Z023040NS/X (40 Zonal LEDs); Z023020PS/X (20 Zonal LEDs, Printer, 2 Keyswitches).
4 Loop Variants Z0430000S/X (Blank Module); Z043020NS/X (20 Zonal LEDs); Z043040NS/X (40 Zonal LEDs); Z043020PS/X (20 Zonal LEDs, Printer, 2 Keyswitches).
6 Loop Variants N/A.
8 Loop Variants N/A.